50 Best White Kitchen With Black Island Ideas

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50 Best White Kitchen With Black Island Ideas

50 Best White Kitchen With Black Island Ideas

There’s a new trend that’s challenging the success of the all-white kitchen, and let’s just say it’s a daring delve into the dark side. We’re of course talking about the all-black kitchen, a trend that can run the gamut between cozy and chic, sleek and moody – but it’s always sophisticated. This non-color (if we’re getting technical) often gets a bad rap for being too aggressive, but we’ve seen the success stories on Pinterest.

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If you’re still not sold on this dark look, turn your attention to a man we consider a guru of sorts – Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk. He never leads America astray, especially when he proves the point that risk can be rewarding. Case in point: When he broke all the rules to create a “classic, yet spicy” dining experience in his own home. Berk gives us his wisdom on nailing this look, promising, “it doesn’t have to be scary.” He believes that whether you’re in a smaller space or one that’s flooded with lots of natural light—you can make it work.

50 Best White Kitchen With Black Island Ideas

By the end of this article, you will definitely be a monochromatic convert. Read on to explore 20 gorgeous kitchens that nail the all-black trend.

Not all blacks are created equal, and this can play a big role in the final aesthetic. Depending on the natural light filtering through the room, the surrounding spaces, or even personal preference, you’ll want to scale your chosen shade bluer or a sharper true black. Pick up a few samples and hold them up against hardware, fixtures and appliances to see which style is more.

50 Best White Kitchen With Black Island Ideas

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If you’re having trouble choosing between colors, consider Farrow & Ball’s Pitch Black. It works in just about any light and space because it’s as pure black as you can get.

Don’t underestimate how diverse black can really be. One thing to think about is whether you prefer a matte or gloss finish on your coat of paint. Both are stunning in the right setting, so now which one is more up your alley. A good way to choose is to compare all the elements in your space. If your refrigerator is stainless steel, it’s possible that a matte black will be just the right amount of balance.

50 Best White Kitchen With Black Island Ideas

You may associate black with sleek and contemporary interiors, but the color works just as well in traditional spaces. In this vintage-meets-modern kitchen, for example, black stone countertops and a matching backsplash are equal parts warm and sophisticated. Brass cabinet hardware brings extra dimension to the look.

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When it comes to the all-black kitchen trend, your approach doesn’t have to be all or nothing. In fact, the appeal of the black kitchen look is often in how striking the shade is against contrasting colors; A black backsplash can look ultra-polished when paired with white countertops. Remember: Opposites attract.

50 Best White Kitchen With Black Island Ideas

Another dreamy material that can help elevate the all-black kitchen trend is white marble, whether in the form of a counter or a backsplash. With its alabaster hue and dark veining, marble plays off black cabinetry beautifully, giving a sumptuous lasting impression.

As mentioned above, fulfilling this concept does not mean everything your eye lands on is covered in ebony. Instead, this color choice can become a beautiful canvas for a statement wall. Consider a backyard in a contrasting shade of ivory.

50 Best White Kitchen With Black Island Ideas

Best White Kitchen Ideas 2023

If you’ve decided to take the approach of pops of black with neutrals in between, a beautiful way to tie it all together is with obsidian colored pendant lights. This way the black elements will meet from bottom to top to really give the desired effect.

Clutter detracts from the sharp, composed look of contemporary design. When sending your all-black kitchen to a modern vibe like the photo above, keep your counters as plain as possible. Install open shelving where clutter tends to accumulate.

50 Best White Kitchen With Black Island Ideas

Bring the whole look together by opting for sleek black seating – whether it’s barstools or step stools that are functional for the space. This will tell visitors that you are really committed to the approach.

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Your choice of flooring is very important to realizing your dream, all-black kitchen. Complementing an apron-front sink, open storage and industrial-style lighting, hardwood floors add to the welcoming, comfortable atmosphere of this vintage-style kitchen.

50 Best White Kitchen With Black Island Ideas

If you decide to go all black, our tip is to warm it up with earthy elements. Butcher block counters, reclaimed wood shelving and leather-backed seating can help soften the all-black look, as can a few houseplants or floral arrangements.

If you have your eye on a full midnight kitchen, delve into the different materials available to you. You’re not limited to achieving this look with just a paint roller. Whether made from natural stone or polished glass, black tiles offer texture as well as visual intrigue.

50 Best White Kitchen With Black Island Ideas

Dark Wood Kitchen Islands

A great way to make a black kitchen really pop is to contrast it with polished brass hardware. This beautiful kitchen amazes from every angle, from the black and white tiled floor to the exposed ceiling beams and reflective copper light just below. The brass cabinet pulls complete the look.

Think beyond your basic shapes when choosing your black tile. Here, hexagonal tiles turn an often overlooked area behind the range into a focal point. We love how the tiles’ intricate black and white motif elevates the area with global appeal.

50 Best White Kitchen With Black Island Ideas

Pairing your black cabinets with black hardware results in a look that’s just oh-so-cool. Above, onyx-colored hardware practically disappears against matte black cabinets, but the handles are large enough that you don’t have to fumble around to find them in the dark. Consider it a win-win.

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It’s no secret that black plays a big role in farmhouse style design. Channel your inner Joanna Gaines by limiting yourself to a black-and-white palette, then complete the look with plenty of texture—think warm woods, stone tabletops, and vases full of eucalyptus and king protea.

50 Best White Kitchen With Black Island Ideas

While blacks can certainly be striking, they also have a softer side. Here, a large kitchen island is covered in black paint, but the overall look of the open-style kitchen remains bright and airy. This is partly due to the design’s use of delicate, organic accessories, such as the blooming orchid and the pair of bubble glass pendants.

Further proving that black can play a supporting role in almost any aesthetic, this modern kitchen uses black as the springboard to a decidedly glamorous vibe. With a wood-grain finish, the black cabinetry juxtaposes the mirrored finishes of the kitchen’s high-polish hardware and luxury accessories.

50 Best White Kitchen With Black Island Ideas

Black Kitchens We Love

Just like an all-black outfit, the key to making a black kitchen visually interesting is in the layers of different textures. Try pairing blacks with unexpected materials like metallic accents or pendant lights made from woven rattan, as seen in the photo above.

Achieve continuity in your design by choosing appliances in a coordinating shade of black. In this kitchen style, a black range blends seamlessly into the surrounding cabinets. The vent hood echoes the color of the range and pops against the back of glossy white subway tiles. By clicking “Accept all cookies”, you consent to the storage of cookies on your device to improve site navigation, analyze site usage and assist with our marketing efforts.

50 Best White Kitchen With Black Island Ideas

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Boring, blasé, empty, lackluster—these are all the not-so-flattering words that may come to mind when you think of all-white kitchens. But, white kitchens don’t get the chance to live up to their potential. They are style masterpieces waiting to be uncovered, both literally and metaphorically providing great blank canvases to create a space suitable for all your cooking, entertaining and midnight snacking needs.

50 Best White Kitchen With Black Island Ideas

It goes beyond adding a few decorative objects to your counters. You can replace your backyard with a shimmering copper tile accent wall or make it a modern masterpiece with the help of a blue stove or slab of elegant marble. And this is just the very beginning of how you can branch out from those four white walls – or no walls if open concept is your cup of tea.

In fact, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by all the different ways you can make a white kitchen shine, and you’ll find 50 such examples below.

50 Best White Kitchen With Black Island Ideas

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If you were lucky with large windows, take advantage of the natural light that floods in and design around it. This kitchen from Our Modern Farmhouse kept everything bright and white—save for a few earthy touches, which include rustic bar stools, wood accents, and dark trim along the windows.

This cooking space from Underwood Design shows how beautifully black and white balance each other. By sprinkling in a few touches—think: the sink faucet and chairs and the island—this space takes on a whole new layer of dimension.

50 Best White Kitchen With Black Island Ideas

The tiles behind

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