50 Best White Galley Kitchen Ideas Uk

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50 Best White Galley Kitchen Ideas Uk

50 Best White Galley Kitchen Ideas Uk

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50 Best White Galley Kitchen Ideas Uk

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50 Best White Galley Kitchen Ideas Uk

Design Your Dream Kitchen Around A Range Cooker

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50 Best White Galley Kitchen Ideas Uk

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Of The Very Best Kitchen Color Ideas

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50 Best White Galley Kitchen Ideas Uk

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50 Best White Galley Kitchen Ideas Uk

My Ikea Kitchen Makeover

If at any time you want to become a Subscriber and enjoy unlimited, ad-free access to everything we have, just go to the My Account link and select Subscribe. The spacious kitchen with sky-high ceilings and plenty of natural light is a dream come true. . However, most of us have to deal with complex layouts and limited storage space. But a small kitchen doesn’t have to be so bad. In fact, with the right micro-solutions and performance-enhancing ideas, it doesn’t matter what kind of project you’re working on. Ahead, we’ve collected over 80 smart small kitchen ideas to inspire you to never feel like a claustrophobic cook again. We promise that these tips will help you make better use of your counter and cabinet space — and may even save you more time in your kitchen.

Choosing a white kitchen immediately makes the space look bigger because of the light shade. Sleek, glossy cabinets (no appliances here) and a cooktop set in matching stone work enhance the aesthetic.

50 Best White Galley Kitchen Ideas Uk

In this small kitchen designed by designer Corinne Mathern Studio, the long work table acts as an island and a dining area. You can push a piece like this against the wall or move it out of the room whenever it starts to feel cramped.

Three Clever Layouts To Make The Most Of A Small Kitchen

Make it look bigger: Use three shades of blue to create depth, as designer Garrow Kedigian did here. Stretching the lightness up to the ceiling emphasizes its height, making the space more airy.

50 Best White Galley Kitchen Ideas Uk

To lighten a small kitchen without making it feel like a cave, use a dark color in the bottom half, and alternate with a lighter shade above. Natural trees connect the area with the forest outside.

To open up this kitchen, artist Kevin Isbell painted a bright print on the floor. Light, bright colors combine well with the curtain of the cafe.

50 Best White Galley Kitchen Ideas Uk

Kitchen Of The Week: Small Galley Kitchen Doubles As The Family Study

Check it out from designer Matthew Ferrarini, and install pocket doors to hide the most solid wall of your kitchen when you’re not cooking or cleaning. We love this idea of ​​open floor plans and studio apartments.

Do you have a farmhouse sink or exposed faucets that have seen better days? Watch the story. That is, put a deep skirt to hide the mess, as they do in the old kitchens of the English country.

50 Best White Galley Kitchen Ideas Uk

The hangout side of the island can work hard. Build with cabinets instead of solid wood, and are great for storing items that aren’t used often.

Kitchen Island Ideas To Inspire Your Next Big Renovation

To make a small galley kitchen feel more intentional (and less dark), install recessed lighting. This ombré shines from end to end and draws the eye upwards.

50 Best White Galley Kitchen Ideas Uk

Don’t have a lot of room to read? Consider adding a garage for appliances inside your closet like designer Natalie Chong did in her old Toronto home. The kid grabbed his Nespresso machine. Underneath, an open-top wooden panel hid the Vitamix.

For a Georgian kitchen connected by a back door, designer Laura Jenkins turned the cabinets near the built-in refrigerator into a mudroom. The flexible construction also hides the coffee maker and pantry, which makes the room even larger.

50 Best White Galley Kitchen Ideas Uk

Velinda’s First Freelance Client Reveal: Molding The ‘builder Grade Budget’ + Where They Saved & Splurged

With neutral colors, your kitchen can feel open and calm. Consider this serene kitchen by Lauren Nelson Design, which includes handmade tile, marble countertops, and Benjamin Moore’s Caldwell Green cabinets that subtly echo the outdoors.

In this kitchen designed by Sarah Robertson, a slide-out cutting board has a drying rack on the edge – making cooking a breeze. Not to mention cleaning: You don’t have to worry about stuffing them into other drawers or cabinets.

50 Best White Galley Kitchen Ideas Uk

Consider enhancing your dining space with a built-in bench like designer Nannette Brown did for a galley kitchen in New York.

Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas You Need To See

Backsplash-make everything look and work better. Pro designers are embracing the style, including designer Melanie Millner who chose Cielo quartzite for a European-inspired space in Georgia. Promote a wide, consistent sound with a small display shelf in the same material.

50 Best White Galley Kitchen Ideas Uk

If hanging a pan rack from the ceiling is not for you, choose a short rail protected by a small open shelf. In this kitchen by artist Augusta Hoffman, a small stick displays several tools and utensils to make cooking easier.

If you like to charge your phone or iPad in your kitchen, move those piles into a cabinet with an entryway like this cute setup by designer Sarah Robertson. That way, you’ll have plenty of reading space to cook and read recipe books.

50 Best White Galley Kitchen Ideas Uk

Are Ikea Kitchen Cabinets Worth The Savings??? A Very Honest Review One Year Later

Enhance the look in your small kitchen with a minimally exposed brick look. In this San Francisco kitchen, designer Lynn Kloythanomsup chose a classic red brick, but since it was only visible, it went wrong. “It’s like thin brick tiles,” he explains.

Save counter space with a built-in electric cooker. A minimalist style — like this two-burner worktop by Rob Klein and Amy Kreutz of Conceptual Kitchens & Millwork — will give you more space to unload and cook food.

50 Best White Galley Kitchen Ideas Uk

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50 Best White Galley Kitchen Ideas Uk

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