50 Best Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas White Cabinets

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50 Best Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas White Cabinets – When it comes to kitchens, you don’t have to sacrifice style to make space. When you’re working with a small kitchen, you’ll need to be a little more strategic to make sure you’re making the most of every inch of space.

From monochromatic color schemes to pull-out spice racks, here are 52 small kitchen ideas to help you maximize space and add a personal touch to your kitchen design.

50 Best Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas White Cabinets

50 Best Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas White Cabinets

Small spaces can feel crowded and cramped when flooded with too many colors. White and other light neutrals make even the smallest kitchen feel more open and airy. These colors reflect light and enhance the feeling of space. White cabinets, countertops, walls and ceilings create a seamless design without edges or borders.

Kitchen Design Ideas

A simple subway tile backsplash is a popular and modern way to enhance and extend the lines of your small kitchen. If you want your kitchen to appear wider, lay these tiles horizontally; If you want it to appear taller, lay the tiles vertically.

50 Best Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas White Cabinets

While neutral tones are typically best for small kitchens, you don’t have to limit yourself to a boring design. Liven up your space with splashes of your favorite color and use items like seating, lighting, wallpaper or wall art.

Speaking of statement features, complement a blank wall with accessories to enhance your personal style while maintaining a minimalist kitchen design. An accent wall provides space to display some of your favorite artwork or family photos for guests to admire.

50 Best Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas White Cabinets

Gorgeous Gray Kitchens That Usher In Trendy Refinement

A monochromatic kitchen color scheme uses multiple shades of the same color to create a bold, creative space. While you can choose neutral colors like white or gray for this trend, varying shades of green, red, yellow, or blue can add just as much depth and visual intrigue to your small kitchen.

Using the same material for your countertops and backsplash will create a seamless look for your small kitchen. This can prevent your kitchen from looking too busy with too many patterns and textures. Try adding marble countertops and a matching backsplash for a luxurious, streamlined design.

50 Best Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas White Cabinets

Your small kitchen may be cozy by design, but colorful toasters, refrigerators, cooking utensils, and storage containers can add even more charm to a small space. If you’ve always wanted one of those colorful ’60s-style refrigerators, you can make it work by keeping the surrounding colors neutral.

Before And After Kitchen Makeovers To Inspire Your Own Renovation

If your kitchen doesn’t have a lot of storage space, free up some space by adding hooks to the bottom of your closets or shelves to hang cups and cooking utensils. Unique display cups make this storage solution a real statement.

50 Best Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas White Cabinets

A bar table is a great alternative to the kitchen island that doubles as a work and dining area. Like a rolling island, a bar table is also relatively easy to move if you need more space in the kitchen.

Take advantage of vertical space with floor-to-ceiling cabinets. Tall cabinets not only make your small kitchen appear larger, but also provide enough space to store dishes and cookware.

50 Best Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas White Cabinets

S Kitchen Renovation Ideas

A common mantra you’ll hear over and over again when designing your small kitchen is, “Don’t waste space,” and that includes the gap between the top of your refrigerator and the ceiling. Install a cabinet above your refrigerator to store items you only use occasionally, such as decorative plates or table linens.

If you don’t have enough counter space, try adding a folding counter to the edge of your cabinets or kitchen island and folding it up when needed. Or install a wall-mounted folding shelf and add a few stools to create a 2-in-1 breakfast nook.

50 Best Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas White Cabinets

Open shelves are a great addition to small kitchens when you want to 1) utilize vertical wall space and 2) have easy access to kitchen essentials like plates and glasses. Open shelving provides much-needed storage in small spaces without the bulkiness of traditional closets.

Luxury Kitchens For Cooking And Entertaining

Roll up a cart to store appliances, cooking utensils or ingredients next to your kitchen stove. You’ll have easy access to all the spices and spatulas you need without taking up counter or cabinet space.

50 Best Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas White Cabinets

Mismatched plates, wasted mugs, and more serving utensils than you could ever need are just a few of the things that are making your cupboards cramped. A small space forces you to be resourceful when it comes to kitchen storage and organization. Eliminate anything that isn’t necessary to avoid clutter.

Do you need additional work and storage space without a permanent kitchen island taking up valuable floor space? A kitchen island cart could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Whether you prefer a simple stainless steel prep area or a fully developed kitchen island with cabinets and doors, a rolling kitchen island offers all the benefits of a built-in kitchen island and you can slide it out of the way when needed in use.

50 Best Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas White Cabinets

Budget Friendly Classic White Kitchen Remodel (all The Details!)

Are you tired of spilling flour or rice every time you have to dig through your small pantry? Store essentials in jars for an aesthetically pleasing storage solution that not only looks great but also stores safely on open shelves. Plus, glass containers make it easy to check if you’re running out of ingredients.

Avoid unnecessary drawers by installing dividers in your drawers to ensure there is room for all your kitchen items. Drawer dividers help you keep your kitchen organized and prevent you from accumulating more clutter than you need.

50 Best Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas White Cabinets

Often referred to as the “fifth wall,” you can hang pans from the ceiling of an industrial rack. Top chefs like Gordon Ramsay use this storage technique in their own kitchens to allow easy access to their variety of pans, but the same concept can also be applied to small kitchens with limited cabinet space.

Stunning Kitchen Designs As Seen On Hgtv

One of the easiest ways to breathe a little life into a small area is to add a few plants. Hanging plants like golden pothos or English ivy placed on a windowsill or hung from the ceiling add a pop of color to your kitchen and are proven to improve concentration and reduce stress. Bonus: Plants help purify the air, making the room literally less stuffy.

50 Best Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas White Cabinets

Simple panel cabinets without bulky knobs and handles help optimize your space and create a sleek, modern look. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your belt loops getting caught on cabinet handles when working in tight spaces.

A useful kitchen cabinet idea for small spaces is to install open shelves on the exposed side of each end cabinet. This often overlooked area serves as a stylish place to store glassware, jars or potted herbs without cluttering up your countertops.

50 Best Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas White Cabinets

Before And After Kitchen Makeovers That Will Inspire You

The back of your closet doors is a blank slate for numerous storage solutions. You can use hooks to hang your pot lids, hang shelves over the door to store your spices, or even install a slim knife block to safely store knives, just to name a few.

If you’re painting your kitchen, consider painting the ceiling too. This popular design trick draws attention upward, creating the illusion of a larger kitchen and a higher ceiling. You can make your ceiling appear even higher with crown molding and crown molding.

50 Best Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas White Cabinets

Unique lighting fixtures like modern chandeliers or oversized pendant lights not only add a touch of personality to your design, but can also make your kitchen appear larger by drawing attention to the light. When adding pendant lights, choose ones that hang close to the ceiling to avoid crowding the kitchen.

Our 1970’s Kitchen Remodel

On the contrary, recessed lights are another great lighting solution for small kitchens due to their versatility and functionality. You can place as many lights as needed to illuminate the room, but you don’t have to worry about it affecting your field of vision.

50 Best Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas White Cabinets

Did you know that dark colors can actually make a small room seem larger? According to this study, light colors make a room appear larger, while dark colors tend to recede from the viewer and make the room appear wider. If you prefer rich black or navy kitchens, don’t be afraid to use these colors in your small kitchen.

Do you have a free corner? Maybe you can build your own breakfast nook, complete with storage benches and cozy cushions. These are a functional option for people who enjoy entertaining but don’t have space for a formal dining table.

50 Best Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas White Cabinets

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There are many easy DIY breakfast bar designs to choose from, including fold-down table bars and wall bars. If you have a blank kitchen wall, a sturdy wooden countertop, and two stools, you’ll be well on your way to creating an efficient, casual dining area.

We’ve talked about the benefits of monochromatic color schemes, but using the same hue on your walls and cabinets can have a similar space-opening effect. Camouflaging your kitchen in a single shade will help it blend in with the rest of your living area – you won’t be able to tell where it starts and where it ends.

50 Best Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas White Cabinets

Tight floor space? If you prefer an eat-in kitchen, consider purchasing backless stools that you can easily store under your table or bar. This keeps them away from busy hallways and work areas.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas That Make The Most Of A Tiny Space

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50 Best Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas White Cabinets

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