50 Best Small Kitchen Ideas With White Cabinets

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50 Best Small Kitchen Ideas With White Cabinets – A spacious kitchen with sky-high ceilings and ample natural light is an absolute dream. However, most of us have to deal with awkward layouts and less-than-ideal storage space. But a small kitchen doesn’t have to be bad. In fact, with the right small space solutions and functional design ideas, it doesn’t matter what square meter you’re working with. Ahead, we’ve rounded up over 80 smart and sophisticated small kitchen ideas to draw inspiration from so you’ll never feel like a claustrophobic cook again. We promise these tricks will help you make the most of your counter and cupboard space—and maybe make you want to spend even more time in the kitchen.

Opting for an all-white kitchen can instantly make a space feel larger, thanks to the shade’s light-reflecting nature. Sleek, glossy cabinet fronts (no hardware here) and matching cooktops maximize the glam effect.

50 Best Small Kitchen Ideas With White Cabinets

50 Best Small Kitchen Ideas With White Cabinets

In this small kitchen by designer Corinne Mathern Studio, a countertop doubles as an island and dining area. You can easily move such a piece to the wall or move it out of the room whenever it starts to feel heavy.

Best Kitchen Styles

Make it bigger: Use three shades of blue to create depth, as designer Garo Kedigiani did. Stretching the lightest one to the ceiling emphasizes its height, making this space airy.

50 Best Small Kitchen Ideas With White Cabinets

To ground a small kitchen without feeling like a cave, use a dark color only on the bottom half and switch to a lighter shade on top. Natural wood connects this space with the outdoor forest.

To open up this kitchen, designer Kevin Isbell painted an oversized glossy print on the floor. Light, bright colors perfectly match the cafe curtain fabric.

50 Best Small Kitchen Ideas With White Cabinets

Best Kitchen Ideas 2020

Take a note from designer Matthew Ferrari and install pocket doors to hide your kitchen’s most difficult wall when you’re not cooking or cleaning. We love this idea for open floor plans and studio apartments.

Do you have a farm sink or plumbing fixture that has seen better days? Skirt issue. That is, install a radiator skirt, hide the mess, as they did in old English country kitchens.

50 Best Small Kitchen Ideas With White Cabinets

The Hangout side of the island could absolutely do more. Create it with cabinets instead of solid wood slabs and it’s perfect for storing things that aren’t used very often.

Modern White Kitchens To Copy

To make a narrow galley kitchen feel more purposeful (and less like a dark outback), install pendant lights. This ombre pair lights her up from end to end and draws her eyes into focus.

50 Best Small Kitchen Ideas With White Cabinets

Don’t have a lot of space? Consider adding an appliance garage to your office, as designer Natalie Chong did in her former Toronto home. The little one was holding a Nespresso machine. Underneath, an openable wooden panel hid a Vitamix.

For a Georgia kitchen that connects to the back door, designer Laura Jenkins converted several cabinets near the built-in refrigerator into a tan cabinet. The seamless construction also hides the coffee station and pantry, making the room feel larger.

50 Best Small Kitchen Ideas With White Cabinets

Kitchen Island Ideas To Inspire Your Next Big Renovation

With a neutral color palette, your kitchen will be more open and calm. Just consider this laid-back kitchen by Lauren Nelson, which combines handcrafted tile, marble countertops, and cabinets in Benjamin Moore’s Caldwell Green that subtly point to the outdoors.

In this Sarah Robertson-designed kitchen, a cutting board and drying rack sit next to the range, making cooking a breeze. Not to mention cleaning: you never have to worry about putting them in other drawers or cabinets.

50 Best Small Kitchen Ideas With White Cabinets

Consider setting up your dining room for a built-in bench, as designer Nanette Brown did for this moody galley kitchen in her New York apartment.

Kitchen Makeover Ideas For The Family

Backsplash-Make everything streamlined and functional. Professional designers are embracing the style, including designer Melanie Milner, who chose Cielo quartzite for this European-inspired property in Georgia. Enhance the spacious, cohesive feel with smaller display shelves in the same material.

50 Best Small Kitchen Ideas With White Cabinets

If hanging a pot rack from the ceiling isn’t ideal for you, opt for a short rail that secures a small open shelf. In this kitchen by designer Augusta Hoffmann, a small trunk displays several tools and utensils for easy access while cooking.

If you’re going to be charging your phone or iPad in the kitchen, move the utensil to a drawer with mounting hardware, like this sleek setup from designer Sarah Robertson. That way, you’ll have more room to eat and flip through recipe books.

50 Best Small Kitchen Ideas With White Cabinets

Kitchen Ideas For 2023

Enhance the character of your small kitchen with an exposed brick look for less. In this San Francisco kitchen, designer Lynn Cloitanomsoup chose classic red brick, but since it was just for looks, it came off as fake. “It’s like a thin brick slab,” he explains.

Save counter space with a built-in electric cooktop. A slimmer version, like Rob Klein and Amy Kreutz’s two-burner work pantry from Conceptual Kitchens & Millwork, gives you more space to unload groceries and prepare meals.

50 Best Small Kitchen Ideas With White Cabinets

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Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet Ideas To Try

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50 Best Small Kitchen Ideas With White Cabinets

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50 Best Small Kitchen Ideas With White Cabinets

Best Paint Colors For Kitchens With White Cabinets

Boring, bland, empty, bland – these are all not very flattering words that may come to mind when you think of a white kitchen. But, white kitchens don’t have a chance to live up to their potential. They are masterpieces of style waiting to be discovered, and both literally and metaphorically provide the perfect blank canvas to create a space that fits all your cooking, entertaining and midnight snacking needs.

It goes beyond adding a few decorative items to your desk. You can replace your backsplash with a gleaming copper tile accent wall or make it a modern masterpiece with a blue stove or elegant marble tile. And that’s just the beginning of how you can branch out from those four white walls — or no walls, if open concept is your cup of tea.

50 Best Small Kitchen Ideas With White Cabinets

In fact, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by all the different ways you can make a white kitchen shine, and you’ll find 50 such examples below.

Kitchen Design Ideas That Increase Home Value

If you’re lucky enough to have large windows, take advantage of the natural light that collects and design around it. Everything was bright and white in this modern farmhouse kitchen of ours—except for a few grounded touches that include bar stools, wood accents, and dark window trim.

50 Best Small Kitchen Ideas With White Cabinets

This kitchen space by Underwood Design shows how beautifully black and white balance each other. Throw in a few touches—think: a sink faucet and stools and an island—this space takes on a whole new layer of dimension.

The tiles behind the stove frame and the marble countertop also provide a little texture that is subtle but makes a difference.

50 Best Small Kitchen Ideas With White Cabinets

Trendy Eclectic Kitchens That Serve Up Personalized Style

Living in a home that already has some unique features can be both a blessing and a curse.

The designers of this Curated Nest kitchen have you covered. “When there are architectural details in the kitchen, such as beams, iron windows, it is not always necessary to add color, the details can stand alone,” they explain. “In this case, less is more.”

50 Best Small Kitchen Ideas With White Cabinets

But what if your kitchen isn’t prepared with unique features? “When designing a kitchen that’s not architecturally distinct enough, we like to incorporate colors for the cabinets, dark accents, textures like white oak and contrasting island colors,” they say. “One of the keys to a successful white kitchen, architectural interest or not, is adding textures. It’s all about layering.”

Beautiful Small Kitchen Ideas

The beauty of a white kitchen means your space is flexible. You can never feel overwhelmed by a palette that is too busy or overloaded with color choices or textures. As Interior Impressions explains, choosing all-white cabinets will give you plenty of options in the future.

50 Best Small Kitchen Ideas With White Cabinets

“We wanted to keep the palette neutral and add pops of color that can be easily changed along the way,” they say. “We kept the rear spoiler neutral for the same reason, allowing us to change accessories and bring in different color schemes.”

To avoid being overly simple, the design firm added a pop of blue to this kitchen by covering the pantry doors and finding matching bar stools.

50 Best Small Kitchen Ideas With White Cabinets

Small Kitchen Design Ideas That Make The Most Of A Tiny Space

Often people may come across the puzzle of a kitchen that is quite spacious but feels cramped due to the vertical space. The antidote to this combines all-white properties.

“I chose white for the cabinet to minimize the contrast between the cabinets, walls and ceiling.

50 Best Small Kitchen Ideas With White Cabinets

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