50 Best Navy White Kitchen Decorating Ideas

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50 Best Navy White Kitchen Decorating Ideas – Featuring a deep shade of blue is a trendy choice for modern kitchens, elegant navy balances a seasonal feel with timeless appeal and we’ve curated some of the most luxurious navy kitchens to give your own design a 2023.

We understand that attention to the color of the kitchen requires thought, after all, this place is one of the most frequent in the house and choosing a color that you not only love, but that will have a long life is also important.

50 Best Navy White Kitchen Decorating Ideas

50 Best Navy White Kitchen Decorating Ideas

It’s no wonder that navy has made a name for itself as one of the most preferred kitchen colors for 21st century living – known for having a calming effect, (think of the feeling you get when you look at the sky or go out to sea .) the beauty of blue is that it conveys a sense of calm and this extends to dark blues like navy as well. And that’s not all…

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For 2023

Kitchen by Dagan Design and Studio McGee | There are Queslett units and the Withenshaw collection in our unfinished polished brass.

50 Best Navy White Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Once you have your mind set on a navy kitchen, the next step is finding the perfect navy blue to achieve the look you want.

Kitchen by The Wood Works | Cotswold features and the Kingsheath collection both have our burnished brass finish.

50 Best Navy White Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Best Kitchen Island Design Ideas

A modern kitchen by Wood Works has cabinets painted in Farrow & Ball Railings – a navy blue on the darker end of the spectrum, this iconic color is ultra-chic and works well with lavish materials like stone shiny and bronze.

Kitchen by Newcastle Design | Features our Bromwich collection and Diamond Interwoven Grille in our burnished brass finish.

50 Best Navy White Kitchen Decorating Ideas

If you’re longing for a navy kitchen and yet find yourself wondering what color goes with navy blue cabinets, look no further than the two-tone kitchen trend. From a sleek navy and white kitchen to a bold navy and gold kitchen, navy blue lends itself beautifully to a two-tone scheme.

Kitchen Trends 2023 Will See A Lot Of…and We’re Pretty Excited About Them

It is a common misconception that the idea of ​​a two-tone interior is when two colors are combined together, however, the beauty of this style is that it can mean mixing a color with a different material for a highly coveted -quality contrast.

50 Best Navy White Kitchen Decorating Ideas

When it comes to creating your dream navy kitchen, Rich McGarry, Design Director of The Wood Works shares, ‘Try to pick up the accent in other areas of the room. If you have a beige hue in your floor for example, you can tie this back into the kitchen design by having a second color like navy. The second color on the island is also a strong sight as it can seem like a free piece of furniture that stands in its own right.’

A soft alternative to black and white, draw inspiration for a luxurious two-tone kitchen from Woodale Designs. Decadent navy and crisp white bring a timeless look that suits city homes and suburban properties alike. Choose to make a feature wall of navy cabinets and for larger spaces, a colored mirror on an island to distribute the color through the space. White walls ensure that the space remains fresh and airy.

50 Best Navy White Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas To Inspire Your Remodel

Owned by content developer Victoria Magrath, this stunning navy blue and brass kitchen is the epitome of laidback luxury style. The stunning navy blue color beautifully contrasts the lighter floor and crisp work surfaces. Finished with gold modern textured hardware from our Sparkbrook collection it will give bookcases and cupboards a detailed look.

This modern navy and gray kitchen by Studio Four Interiors has a cosmopolitan urban feel. Cabinets painted in Benjamin Moore Polo Blue are combined with polished marble and stainless steel to achieve a neutral navy and gray kitchen. Made with gold details it adds a luxurious finish to the open-plan space and brings a touch of warmth to the design.

50 Best Navy White Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Remodel a navy kitchen by choosing mixed materials like Richard Burke Design. ⁠ A sleek walnut island, antique polished doors and tall brass hardware set a beautifully sophisticated design.

All About Ready To Assemble Cabinets

Be inspired to go for navy kitchen cabinets with this sleek and sophisticated design by Michael Farrell. The perfect arrangement to entertain, the navy combination provides the perfect frame for a unique island, while the mixed material brings the intensity to the dark tone and prefers the different materials used elsewhere in the kitchen.

50 Best Navy White Kitchen Decorating Ideas

For a unique and modern statement, opt for floor-to-ceiling navy and paneled cabinetry for a sense of heritage charm. To give the room a rich color to breathe and make the space feel light, wash the shade with crisp white marble and warm oak. Cabinets are the best way to achieve diversity in your design by choosing a different color or material to go inside.

Whether you opt for a navy kitchen with a contrasting island or transform your kitchen with navy cabinets, we’re confident that navy kitchens will have staying power in 2023 and beyond. By clicking “Accept All Cookies”, you agree to store cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts.

50 Best Navy White Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Tiny Kitchen Ideas For Max Style

Melissa Epifano is a home decor writer who advises for . He has written for many other outlets, covering everything from interiors to plant care and has written over 70 articles about home design.

Blue is best for bathrooms, guest bedrooms, nurseries, and… kitchen cabinets? That would be a unanimous yes. While you may be tempted to play it safe with Shaker oak cabinets or choose traditional, but uninspired open shelves, shades of cobalt, navy, and azure may be the pick-me-up for your cooking space needs. .

50 Best Navy White Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Blue makes it easy for even the most discerning color minimalists to see its appeal and can work wonders for cookie-cutter kitchens or cozy living spaces. Of course, as with any hue, there are as many ways you can incorporate it into your space as there are shades of color. Painters and those with a penchant for all things bold will appreciate the layers of floor-to-ceiling paint, but if you’re a little more non-committal when it comes to adding a splash of corn blue, try work is to just. your island for a pop that will not feel overbearing.

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Drawing? Consider the following tips will make you rethink the white color you already have and fall deeply for blue.

50 Best Navy White Kitchen Decorating Ideas

White, wood, and blue are this beautiful kitchen, providing an almost pale color appearance, thanks to the shade of wood on a white waterfall island and a hint of blue furniture behind it. Those colors and materials stand front and center and make for an understated statement.

To avoid feeling like you’re killing a space—something deep colors are often associated with—opt for adding blue to your small cabinets. Then, either let things lighten up or try open storage as seen in this amazing, light-filled kitchen.

50 Best Navy White Kitchen Decorating Ideas

The Best Sherwin Williams White Paint Colors For Cabinets

If color is your mantra, don’t be afraid to go all out with blue cabinets in your kitchen. The checked floor and wood touches can certainly be labeled as maximalism, but the final result is uninteresting and has an often-small farmhouse tinge to it.

Blue itself makes an important statement, but if you want to step it up a notch, look no further than leather shoes. Although the material is only beautiful, they increase the space even more by placing colors in the wooden areas, which gives the space more warmth-a unique idea especially when working with blue.

50 Best Navy White Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Blue comes in many colors, and you’re certainly not chained to navy or cobalt in your kitchen. The reason these light blue cabinets help style is twofold. They are the first example of how to illuminate a space with color that is always connected to depth and drama. But the skylights that go from floor to ceiling also help break up what could have been a stark white space.

White & Golden Kitchen Ideas For A Tasteful Glam Touch

Black and blue can play seamlessly against each other, and with enough white space to lift the colors it won’t feel washed out. It is worth noting things like transparent pendants, white ceilings, and marble countertops with veins there, which all help the space feel continuous and elevated.

50 Best Navy White Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Scandi-chic is often synonymous with the lightest colors in the world. But this kitchen and its stunning blue cabinets dance to a different tune when it comes to that typical Nordic or Danish twist. Blue and wood work as a high contrast color palette without the need to resort to the eternal classic (but often overdone) black and white, and strong, rounded edges and clean lines bring it back to a very friendly space.

Ah, beadboard and blue: the perfect combination for a home that works to appeal that twee farmhouse appeal. Although it is a cool hue, the fact that it is a color in a very quiet place makes the whole kitchen more cozy and personal. Somehow, too, the shade recalls antiques and antiques—the perfect combination.

50 Best Navy White Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Best White Kitchen Ideas 2023

Embrace the mood of blue and don’t be afraid to mix it with other dark shades like black. If you are wary of making a space feel too heavy, choose open storage and

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