40 ++ Best White Kitchen With Backsplash Ideas

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40 ++ Best White Kitchen With Backsplash Ideas – A renovated kitchen is truly beautiful and often looks nothing like it did before. The amount of time and investment put into this, however, is something to consider before deciding to have a gut overhaul. Kitchen remodels will likely be the most expensive changes you can make to your home. According to This Old House, a complete job can cost up to $50,000.

There are smaller changes you can make for much less. For example, opting to paint your current cabinets rather than completely replacing them is one option. It’s all a matter of your preference, budget, and factors like how long you plan to stay in the house before selling it or the average kitchen in your neighborhood.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen With Backsplash Ideas

40 ++ Best White Kitchen With Backsplash Ideas

Ahead, you’ll see 40 incredible makeovers consisting of total renovations, cosmetic updates, and everything in between to inspire you if kitchen remodeling has been on your mind lately.

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Between the dark, outdated cabinets, dirty floors, and threadbare curtains, this kitchen is crying out for a major overhaul.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen With Backsplash Ideas

The before and after of this kitchen is like day and night. While the layout has remained the same, there are new cabinets, countertops, appliances, backsplash, and flooring. The white cabinets and paint color make it much brighter.

The medium brown cabinets and dark gray countertops contrast, especially with the red walls of the nearby dining room. Despite being a large, open space, it somehow feels confined.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen With Backsplash Ideas

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By opening the L-shaped bench and replacing some cabinets with shelves, the space becomes much more spacious than before. All white counters, cabinets, and backsplash brighten the entire kitchen.

There is clearly a decent amount of storage space and food preparation space in this kitchen. The cabinets and island leave a lot to be desired, however.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen With Backsplash Ideas

Not much has changed about the layout of this kitchen, but it’s safe to say it feels like a completely different room. White cabinets, counters, and paint brighten it up, while the marble backsplash and range hood give it a luxurious look.

Signs That Your Kitchen Was Designed In 2016

The wallpaper and cabinet details don’t hide the age of this kitchen. To top it all off, the medium brown color of the cabinets doesn’t go well with the black appliances.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen With Backsplash Ideas

The gray cabinets pair well with the new stainless steel appliances. Herringbone backsplash and a unique range hood add serious style to the space.

Though open and spacious, this kitchen does nothing to hide its age, from the cabinets and their hardware to the backsplash and scalloped window frame.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen With Backsplash Ideas

Modern Stratum 40

Updated appliances, cabinets and frames make all the difference in the space. Open shelves, a unique light fixture, and marble countertops add sophistication to the overall look.

The beige walls and backsplash make this kitchen look bland and the lack of cabinets creates clutter on top of them as well as on the countertops.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen With Backsplash Ideas

The layout is pretty much the only thing that remains the same. Marble countertops, subway tile backsplash, and modern appliances create a beautiful aesthetic. The rose gold hardware on the new, larger cabinets matches some of the items on the counter, making them look intentional and cohesive.

Press — Kimille Taylor

This small kitchen lacks any kind of style and the space it has can definitely be better utilized.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen With Backsplash Ideas

Even with the same layout, this now all-white kitchen feels more open. Ceiling-high cabinets and a wall-mounted range hood create a simple, airy look. The gold hardware is a unique yet elegant touch.

Despite the natural light pouring in from nearby sliding doors, this kitchen feels downright gloomy. The upper cabinets are stunted due to the bulkhead which, at one end, is not even finished and is an eyesore.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen With Backsplash Ideas

Sektion Top Cabinet For Fridge/freezer, White Enköping/white Wood Effect, 36x24x10

Small changes were made to the kitchen and still created an entirely new space. The biggest adjustment is replacing the upper cabinets to maximize storage space and brighten the room. New window treatments, overhead pendant lights, and a herringbone-style island top bring it up to date.

There is a lot of unused storage space in this closed, outdated kitchen. The existing cabinets are small and difficult to access.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen With Backsplash Ideas

Although an entire row of cabinets has been removed, there is more storage space available. The glass cabinet doors and more open layout make the kitchen feel larger even without drastically altering the structure and opting for a dark brown aesthetic.

Complete Kitchen Remodeling

Even with a colorful and checkered backsplash, this kitchen begs for style. Light wood cabinets and laminate countertops are as basic as it gets.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen With Backsplash Ideas

While the appliances remain the same, the matte black sink and black-and-white patterned refrigerator decal modernize the space. The choice of green cabinets and gold hardware make the kitchen stand out and have a unique look.

Despite updated stainless steel appliances, this kitchen feels dated. The choice of paint and backsplash add darkness to the space.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen With Backsplash Ideas

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Opening the kitchen to the dining room dramatically increases space and openness. New white cabinets with glass doors and granite countertops make it feel bright and glamorous.

This kitchen, clearly ready for its overdue renovation, is not being used to its full capacity. Cabinets are short and small, and counter space is minimal.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen With Backsplash Ideas

An open wall helped drastically increase the size of the kitchen. New, larger closets were added, including floor-to-ceiling pantries. An island gives way to more counter space.

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The cooking style in this antique kitchen creates a cramped feel and its age is demonstrated by the cabinetry, countertop finish, and appliances.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen With Backsplash Ideas

An island that replaces the previous view opens up the entire room. New white cabinets and marble countertops brighten things up, while matte black accents and vertical backsplash tiles add a contemporary feel.

Although not small, this kitchen still has a cramped and cluttered appearance. The style of the cabinets, tile countertops, and light fixtures make it look outdated.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen With Backsplash Ideas

Orren Ellis Ophir 40” Wall Mounted Single Bathroom Vanity With Stone Top

Opening the wall that separates the original kitchen from the dining area doubled the size of the space and created space for a large bar area. A mix of white and navy cabinets with gold hardware creates a luxurious look.

The colors in this kitchen clearly clash in all the wrong ways. Everything from the busy patterned wallpaper, dark red paint and window treatments, brown cabinets, black countertops, green backsplash, and mismatched appliances create a cluttered, nondescript look.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen With Backsplash Ideas

A wall of floral wallpaper and open shelves is a welcome addition to the now mostly white kitchen. It gives a charming feature without dominating the space. The living room has also been slightly expanded to accommodate more storage and the appliances have been updated.

Made Goods Dane 72

The very dated cabinets and appliances show the age of this kitchen and the different hardware and flooring from one room to the next looks strange.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen With Backsplash Ideas

The kitchen entrance was opened up to provide more space to walk around and a window was added to allow for natural light. All-new white cabinets and wood flooring create cohesion.

With updated appliances and well-finished features, this particular kitchen is by no means an unsightly sight. However, even with the amount of light that comes in, it is dark due to the cherry wood cabinets.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen With Backsplash Ideas

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Although little was done to renovate this kitchen, the results are extraordinary. The cabinets were simply painted a light gray and their hardware was replaced with something more contemporary. The tile backsplash has been removed and what remains are simple white walls. In short, space seems infinitely clearer.

Similar to the last example, there is nothing inherently wrong with this kitchen. The layout is open and the latest appliances are functional and there is plenty of cabinet space. Although the dark cherry wood and black countertops give the room an uninviting feel.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen With Backsplash Ideas

Although the layout has remained the same, this kitchen has a completely different look. The cabinets, now painted white, and the light gray marble countertops brighten the entire space. New stainless steel appliances create a polished finish.

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This all-beige kitchen is seriously outdated with its wooden cabinets and matching pulls, laminate countertops, older appliances, and window frames. It’s also cluttered, probably due to a lack of storage space inside the cabinets.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen With Backsplash Ideas

Later, a complete renovation and this kitchen is a completely new space. White cabinets and subway tile walls create a perfect canvas for black accents like the farmhouse sink and custom range hood. Open shelves make it look larger, and new appliances modernize it.

The light wood cabinets, black countertops, and light blue walls don’t go well together and make it difficult to create an aesthetic in this kitchen.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen With Backsplash Ideas

Sundown Covey Trl Street, St. Augustine, Fl 32095

Leaving aside the layout and appliances, simple changes were made to bring more balance to the kitchen and make decorating easier. The cabinets were replaced with polished white ones, the countertops were replaced with light marble and the walls were painted in a neutral light gray.

Brown marble countertops and multicolored linear backsplash may have been the trend at the time this kitchen was last built or remodeled.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen With Backsplash Ideas

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