40 ++ Best White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Island Ideas

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40 ++ Best White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Island Ideas

40 ++ Best White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Island Ideas

All-white kitchens stand the test of time. They are simple, sophisticated and leave a lot of room for experimentation. Consider it a blank canvas for her personal style. “An all-white kitchen is fresh, clean and timeless,” says interior designer Ginny Macdonald.

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Ginny Macdonald is an interior designer who founded a full-service interiors company in Los Angeles in 2017, after working as design director for Emily Henderson Design. Macdonald’s style draws inspiration from Macdonald’s old English heritage while incorporating newer California roots.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Island Ideas

Get inspired with these 21 all-white kitchen ideas that set the mood, plus practical tips from Macdonald to style your own home.

This kitchen is a perfect example of how Macdonald likes to soften the all-white look. “Depending on your style, an all-white kitchen can act as a backdrop for a host of colors,” says Macdonald. “I would personally add some warm wood tones that could be paired with counter stools and have a custom seat cushion made with a textured or patterned fabric,” the designer continues. Here, floating wood shelves add warmth to the otherwise white kitchen.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Island Ideas

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When working with a muted color palette like this and want to keep an all-white kitchen sleek and sophisticated, consider a striped kitchen rug or a tile backsplash with a geometric pattern in the same color family. In the photo, this neutral-toned rug matches the hardwood floor, while the patterned tiles behind the stove match the same dusty gray color of the kitchen walls.

A striking exposed wood ceiling contrasts this kitchen’s sleek white cabinets and stainless steel appliances. In other words, it strikes a balance between warm and cool decorative elements, which Macdonald says is a common mistake people make. “Balance is key when decorating an all-white kitchen and mistakes are made by adding too much color and texture or not adding enough,” says Macdonald.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Island Ideas

A printed runner in a bold color, like this blue one shown in the photo, anchors an all-white kitchen. Floating shelves in a warm chocolate hue and matching hardware offer some depth to the space. A plant and framed art liven up the white backsplash.

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In this clean, minimalist kitchen, color is found in the black pendant lights and blue-black cabinets. When it comes to adding a pop of color, Macdonald often opts for this style. “I’d probably go for something with a touch of blue or black,” says the designer.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Island Ideas

If he has already included some color with larger elements, he can add small white accessories to enhance the look.

Place plants in terra cotta (or patterned) pots to add visual interest to your all-white kitchen. You can move them around the kitchen or swap them out for different plants to create a completely new look. Letting in natural light creates a welcoming, rather than clinical, atmosphere.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Island Ideas

Ideas For Choosing A Backsplash For White Cabinets

This is the type of cuisine that makes you want to cook a meal from scratch. It features a sleek, modern design with mid-century details such as hairpin chairs and clean lines, while remaining completely minimalist. “If your kitchen design is minimalist, keep it minimalist in style,” suggests Macdonald.

Macdonald advises focusing on the smallest details for an all-white kitchen that doesn’t distract from the overall look of the minimalist style. “I would add a stack of cutting boards of different shapes and sizes against the backsplash. Old ones add more character even if they are too worn to use,” says Macdonald.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Island Ideas

Display kitchen essentials, such as oil and vinegar, on delicate glassware or ceramics to add extra flair to the design.

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A colored backsplash does double duty by adding texture while also keeping an all-white kitchen from feeling too drab. Round pendant lights, leather stools, and a display shelf with various objects create dimension.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Island Ideas

“When adding color to a white kitchen, try to keep it to one or three colors that are all in a similar palette,” suggests Macdonald. Take note of this space that plays with neutral tones of white, brown and black that impact. In addition to furniture and cabinets, color can come from cookbooks, plants, or foods placed in ceramic or wooden bowls to add interest, says Macdonald.

This all-white kitchen follows some of Macdonald’s tips for following this trend. It includes wooden elements, exposed cutting boards and flowers that add warmth to the space. However, it still feels crisp and clean. The room also leaves plenty of essentials out in the open without making it look cluttered. “Don’t be afraid to display pretty kitchen utensils, such as wooden spoons, whisks and measuring cups, in antique ceramic china,” says Macdonald. “Small works of art can add some personality to a kitchen when leaned against the wall or placed on a windowsill.”

40 ++ Best White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Island Ideas

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Give the eye something to focus on by creating a vignette of objects where you can find space to display it. They could be a trio of practical kitchen items, such as salt, pepper and sugar in beautiful containers, to a collection of decorative vases or candles. Place them on a tray to give these objects a final “home.”

In this minimalist space, pops of color burst into the all-white interior in the form of some well-placed plants and bowls and cups displayed on an open shelf. According to Macdonald, adding too many details in an all-white kitchen can look “fussy and kitschy,” while not adding enough decor can make a space feel “bland and unfinished.” This room strikes the perfect balance.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Island Ideas

A stunning window treatment can do what a large statement rug can do: add a focal point and ground an all-white space. In this kitchen, the organic material of the window shade softens its surroundings, while the greenery on the kitchen island ties the look together.

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In addition to leaving kitchen utensils on display for everyone to see, you can add design touches with live (or faux) botanicals. “Branches with sculptural flowers will add some drama without too much fluff,” notes Macdonald. Or add a succulent near your kitchen window, so it gets plenty of sun.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Island Ideas

If you’re struggling to make a minimalist space feel warm and inviting, Macdonald suggests layering wood accents with neutral gray enamel pots and simple striped tea towels. “Modern black cutting boards will add depth,” adds Macdonald. This kitchen uses black stools, pendant lights, and a slanted wooden cutting board to break up the all-white look.

Opt for interesting lighting in an all-white kitchen, like these gold domed lights suspended above the kitchen island. Dark colored hardware and dining chairs add just enough color to keep the overall look minimal but warm. A tile backsplash with a chevron pattern adds subtle visual interest.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Island Ideas

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Combine an all-white kitchen by incorporating off-white into your color palette. The difference in tone is just the right amount of noticeable without having to rely on too many objects or more dramatic lighting to create an intentional look. Add a bowl of fresh fruits or vegetables for a pop of color.

A marble-like surface maintains the all-white kitchen theme, while vignettes and some framed artwork keep the space from looking too stark. We also love wood grain cabinets, which add texture while keeping the same color palette. Brass fittings add a touch of glamour.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Island Ideas

In an all-white kitchen, spaces with interesting architectural details, such as exposed wood beam ceilings, don’t need much to enhance their aesthetics. Take a cue from other tips, such as using a cutting board as a decorative object and interesting lighting to add the finishing touch. Try a patterned runner to add more oomph to your all-white kitchen.

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If you’ve already included some color with larger items (like the cabinets pictured), you can include small white accessories to enhance the look. In this photo, a white fruit bowl highlights these yellow lemons. Dusty blue cabinets anchor the space. Cabinets painted in lush hues may be trending right now, but the popularity of white kitchen cabinets still persists. Whether it’s white Shaker-style cabinets paired with classic white subway tile, or white lacquered handleless cabinets paired with sleek white quartz countertops, white cabinets have won over legions of homeowners and designers alike.

40 ++ Best White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Island Ideas

White cabinets have played a particularly prominent role in the upscale “pallet-cleanser” kitchen of the last decade. Defined by pigment-free countertops, backsplashes, and cabinets, white-on-white kitchens are loved by homeowners who harbor white sofas and rugs chimeras, but not necessarily by the impeccable families who need to make them practical. They are also heralded by designers seeking to create calming kitchens that counteract the hectic, stimulus-laden lifestyles of their clients. Regardless of your personal style leanings, white-on-white kitchens (and, by association, white cabinets) are a surefire way to achieve sophistication in a space.

However, more and more designers and DIYers are taking white cabinets out of their colorless comfort zone. Instead of associating them with

40 ++ Best White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Island Ideas

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