40 ++ Best Grey And White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

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40 ++ Best Grey And White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas – A springy ride for every run, Peg’s familiar, just-for-you feel back to help complete the goal. This version has the same responsiveness and neutral support you love, but with improved comfort in the sensitive areas of your foot, such as the arch and toes. Whether you’re logging long marathon miles, squeezing in a speed session before sunset or jumping into a spontaneous group jaunt, it’s still a steady road runner you can put your faith in, day after day, run after run.

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40 ++ Best Grey And White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

40 ++ Best Grey And White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

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40 ++ Best Grey And White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Inviting Fit and Feel – Highly tuned single layer mesh creates an inviting feel and fit. We redesigned the midfoot strap to fit the foot, molded for all arch sizes.

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40 ++ Best Grey And White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

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40 Discover the Best Ikea Modern Home Decor- What to Buy on Ikea Video Tour – The Best Ikea Products for Your Kitchen & Home Decor

Hey Everyone! Who’s ready for the top 40 Best Ikea Modern Farmhouse Decor Finds?! Those of you who follow Instagram Adventures at @ know that my husband surprised me and took me to Ikea! Ahhh! We did a video demo of what to buy at Ikea & I had a blast taking you all together. I found some amazing decor products that would look amazing in a farmhouse style home. So today I’m sharing my favorite finds from Ikea: the products I bought, the ones I wish I had left, and the ones I wish I hadn’t. This list ended up being about 40 items. And you can buy almost everything online! Alas! So without further adieu, here is our selection of the best Ikea products for modern farmhouse themed kitchens & home decor.

40 ++ Best Grey And White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

This post includes affiliate links, but I’m just sharing things I love & you think too.

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I’ve been to Ikea twice, but both times we just stopped by super fast, smack in the middle of a 12 hour drive. So needless to say, we have no place to spare the car. This time I went a little crazy… okay, really crazy. But there was an explosion. Above you can watch all the highlights of our trip summarized in a video demo of what the farmhouse decor is looking to buy from Ikea! But let’s face it – this video is more about Silas (the loving husband who spends all his money on his wife at Ikea…) Haha!

40 ++ Best Grey And White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

With all that said, let me share with you a breakdown of what I brought home with me.

This dish towel is my favorite ikea item. Not only is it cheap for its quality, but it’s gorgeous and gives off all those grain sack farmhouse vibes. I also like how they age- they become a creamier color with use.

40 ++ Best Grey And White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

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I am obsessed with this pillow. We got 4 in white, but I kind of wish we had gone with beige to match my bench. They are SUPER comfortable, and guess what, if they get dirty, you can just throw them in the wash!

Ahhhhhh- this is the cutest thing I’ve ever bought. Like a colander could be more charming? I already have a lovely mint color from TJ MAXX (don’t tell my wife! Shhhh!) – haha!)  And can you beat this price?

40 ++ Best Grey And White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Okay, I live like 5+ hours away from the nearest Ikea, so I’m no expert. But I saw this at another blogger’s house and I just knew I had to get my hands on it. This pillowcase is the best farmhouse item I’ve bought so far. I bought 4, but I wish I had grabbed more. Personally, I think he would be awesome on the couch. And that striped opening made my heart beat.

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I got a polyester pillow to go inside the ursula pillow case. I have to fluff him enough to get him to fill out. I went a little smaller under a pillow filled pillow a few Ikea trips ago, but the fur leaked everywhere. So I want to try the polyester one this time.

40 ++ Best Grey And White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

There’s a funny story about this item in my video at the top of this post…so I’ll let you all watch it.

I didn’t even know that they would have this beauty in all its raw wood glory. So I was SUPER excited to find them. I’ve been wanting to start a collection of various rolling pins, and getting two of them for such a low price (price per item, btw) will get me started! I’m thinking about oiling it to bring out the character in the wood.

40 ++ Best Grey And White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Of The Best Pillows Under $40!

Unfortunately they are the only version of this Spoon utensils, otherwise I have caught some of the other variations as well. I love wooden cookware. They tell stories by using them. I’m all sentimental like that.

So I took three of these to store the long pasta in the pantry…but one of them was broken in the lid when I got home. I’m pretty positive that I bought it… and I just missed it… So my advice is to open each jar, put a rubber divider to protect the jar (they go inside the jar) and wrap it well. with paper packing.

40 ++ Best Grey And White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

I only got 1.9 qt this time. But assuming I like them, I’m sure I’ll stock up on my next trip. #save

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We need new sheets for our queen bed (which will soon move to the guest room), and since we are going to upgrade to king size soon, I grabbed some sheets in that size as well. I haven’t tried using it yet, but I think it looks great in the store.

40 ++ Best Grey And White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Okay, this next item is a two-part project. Silas made a big bunk bed for the kids, and I wanted to get a matching blanket. So I checked out the quilts in hopes that I would find a good one…

I fell in love with these stripped men the moment I laid eyes on them. She just looks cute & classy. Perfect for a gender neutral boy/girl room. They come with pillowcases as well.

40 ++ Best Grey And White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

New Balance 57/40 Black For Sale

We were looking at a $10 option for a comforter, but I saw this one, and it seems more durable and long lasting. So this is what they put inside the quilt.

I’ve been using the same broken metal measuring cups since we got married 7 years ago…so I ruined myself and threw this set away. I like how they are solid metal and not flimsy or plastic. They also come in rings so you can separate them, or keep them all.

40 ++ Best Grey And White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Okay, not ready to share what I did with these babies. But they are my FAVORITE products that are useful for organizing. It is a set of rods and hooks that can be used for many purposes. And of course, I got it all

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