40 ++ Best Gray White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

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40 ++ Best Gray White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas – Since nothing brings gray to life faster than color, the best kitchen cabinet color for your gray floors is…you guessed it, COLOR. And since Sherwin-Williams just announced its color of the year, it inspired me to share some cabinet color inspiration with you.

I have written a post or two about how to warm up gray floors, but a while ago I started thinking about kitchens with gray floors and I came to this conclusion.

40 ++ Best Gray White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

40 ++ Best Gray White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

While white kitchens will always be timeless, you miss out on the balancing warmth of a wooden floor if you have gray floors.

Mia Italia Torino 08 ⚜️ 40

So if you have gray floors, it’s worth considering painting your kitchen cabinets a color to breathe some life into your kitchen.

40 ++ Best Gray White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Now, the kitchens I show for inspiration in this post mostly don’t have gray floors, but I’m telling you right now that if you have gray floors, colors like the examples I share below are the best answer to updating your kitchen cabinets.

That’s if you’ve inherited a kitchen with gray floors or perhaps installed them yourself and later realized they weren’t the most timeless choice.

40 ++ Best Gray White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

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After all, gray started trending as the neutral because the colors we decorated with in the 2010s were fresh and clean. Too clean to look balanced with the beige and brown colors of the previous trend.

But as happens with all trend cycles, we started playing it safe by choosing gray for everything and we forgot to add the color!

40 ++ Best Gray White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

So now that we are well beyond the gray trend and everyone is getting tired of the strictness of black and white, the color is making a reappearance everywhere!

Amazon.com: Gray And White Buffalo Plaid Checkered Sheer Window Curtain Panels 63 Inches Long,linen Textured Drapes,voile Rustic Farmhouse Grommet Top Treatment For Bedroom & Living Room,2 Panels,40

So if you want to update your gray, black and white areas for now and the decade to come, just add color.

40 ++ Best Gray White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

And since many of us have open concept spaces with some sort of white or pale neutral on the walls, one of the best ways to add color is to the cabinetry.

Softened blues are also perfect choices that I think will look beautiful and current for a long time.

40 ++ Best Gray White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

All Clad, Breville, And More Top Rated Kitchen Appliance Brands Are Up To 40% Off At Amazon

In fact, when my team and I found out that Sherwin-Williams’ COTY for 2024 is Upward, we noted how many times we’ve already specified it in the eDesign department for walls, cabinets, and islands.

SW Upward is a nicely balanced cool blue that will likely sell a lot of cans for Sherwin-Williams. This color is a pretty safe bet from a marketing perspective. But hey, it’s not neutral!

40 ++ Best Gray White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Let’s be clear. If you’ve been following me, you’ll know that the best color for your room is the one that goes perfectly with YOUR decor.

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This is especially true if you want to commit to a color for your cabinets. It’s best to choose some decor first so you can narrow down the exact paint box you want to match the couch, rug, pillows, etc. that you’ve found for your room.

40 ++ Best Gray White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

As an aside, I really love how the gray countertops, marble countertop, and gray floors in this kitchen above help balance out the warm wood cabinets. Wood tones also balance cool gray tones and vice versa.

If this was all black, it would start to feel a bit like Halloween without enough white. Coal is absolutely perfect in this kitchen.

40 ++ Best Gray White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

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Gray can handle some pretty vibrant colors, like this sky blue cabinet below. With white cabinets, this orange butcher block would look too random.

So if your kitchen feels cold, gray and empty, then the solution is to add color. Paint your cabinets and don’t forget STYLING!

40 ++ Best Gray White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

This combination of colors and styling are your best tools for creating a kitchen you love. It’s not always about a complete renovation! Color and styling will add a look and feel much faster than most more expensive updates anyway.

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If you’re wondering how best to update your kitchen, send some photos to my eDesign department and we’ll let you know which package you need.

40 ++ Best Gray White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

BTW, here’s the best trend I’ve read in years! So I had to share it with you all: about me | SHOP | project gallery | free design resources | free prints | art education home |

40 Best Finds for Modern Farmhouse Decor from Ikea – What to Buy on Ikea Video Tour – Top Ikea Products for the Kitchen and Home Decor

40 ++ Best Gray White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Made Goods Dane 72

Hi all! Who’s ready for the 40 Best Finds in Ikea Modern Farmhouse Decor?! Those of you who follow Instagram Adventures on @ know that my husband surprised me and took me to Ikea! Ahhh! We took a video tour of what to buy at Ikea and I had a blast with you the whole time. I found some amazing decor products that will look amazing in our farmhouse style home. So today I’m sharing my favorite Ikea finds: the products I bought, the ones I wish I’d passed up, and the ones I wish I hadn’t left behind. This list ended up being around 40 items. And you can buy almost all of them online! Whew! So without further adieu, here are my top Ikea products for your modern farm themed kitchen and home decor.

This post contains affiliate links, but I only share things I LOVE and think you will too.

40 ++ Best Gray White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

I’ve been to Ikea twice, but both times we just popped in super quickly, in the middle of a 12 hour drive. So needless to say, we had no room left in our car. This time I went a little crazy… ok, a lot crazy. But it was a blast. Above you can see all the highlights from our trip summarized in a video tour of what the farm furniture finds to buy from Ikea! But let’s face it – this video is more about Silas (the loving husband who spends ALL his money on his wife at Ikea…) Haha!

Best Kitchen Makeovers You Just Have To See

With all that said, let me share with you the rundown of what I brought home.

40 ++ Best Gray White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

These dish towels are my favorite IKEA item. Not only are they super cheap for the quality, but they’re adorable and give me all the grain sacks in the farmhouse. I love how they age too – they kind of turn a creamier color with use.

I am obsessed with these pillows. We got 4 in white but I wish we had gone with beige to match my bench. They are SUPER comfortable and guess what, if they get dirty, you can just put them in the wash!

40 ++ Best Gray White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Zeus & Ruta White Rubber Wood Top 40 In. Kitchen Island Multipurpose Cart Cabinet With Side Storage Shelves 5 Wheels Wine Rack Nnnnnnnn 4

Ahhhhhh- this is the cutest thing I’ve ever bought. Could a colander be sweeter? I already have a lovely mint colored one from TJ MAXX (don’t tell my husband! Shhhh!), but I couldn’t pass up this beauty when it came in my favorite color (everything is white on white on white in my home decor – haha !)  And can you beat this price?

Ok, I live about 5 hours away from the nearest Ikea, so I’m no expert. But I saw these at another blogger’s house and I just KNEW I had to get them. These cushion covers are the most beautiful farm item I have bought to date. I bought 4 but I wish I had taken more. Personally, I think they would be amazing on a couch. And the striped opening makes my heart skip a beat.

40 ++ Best Gray White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

I had the polyester cushions go into the ursula cushions. I had to air them quite a bit to get them to fill out. I got smaller down filled pillow inserts a couple of Ikea trips ago, but they leak feathers EVERYWHERE. So I wanted to try out their polyester this time.

Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas

There’s a fun story about this item in my video at the top of this post…so I’ll let you all watch it.

40 ++ Best Gray White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

I didn’t even know they wanted these beauties in all their raw wooden glory. So I was SUPER excited to find them. I’ve been wanting to start a collection of assorted rolling pins, and getting two of them for such a cheap price (the price is per item, by the way) will start it! I’m thinking of oiling them to bring out the character of the wood.

Unfortunately they only had the Spoon version of these utensils, otherwise I would have grabbed several of the other varieties as well. I LOVE my wooden cookware. They tell a story with their use. I’m totally sentimental like that.

40 ++ Best Gray White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

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So I took three of these to store long pasta in my pantry…only to find one of them had a broken lid when I got home. I’m pretty sure it was like that when I bought it… and that I just missed it… So my advice is to actually open each jar, install the rubber divider to protect the jar (they come inside the jar) and pack wrap them well with wrapping paper.

I only got 1.9 qt this time. But assuming I like them, I’m sure I’ll stock up on more my next trip. #stash

40 ++ Best Gray White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

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