35 Stylish White Round Table Kitchen Ideas

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35 Stylish White Round Table Kitchen Ideas – The dining room is one room that never goes out of style. It’s a space to meet family and friends, whether it’s an elaborate dinner party or a quick weeknight dinner. It may take a creative eye to find a suitable place for one in your home, but it is necessary for books. Dining rooms come in all shapes and sizes, and these ideas will help you think outside the box when it comes to finding the perfect space.

So whether you’re looking to create a dining room or give your current space some attention, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite and most useful dining rooms. Whether you prefer a formal setting or a casual, family-friendly setting, we have decorating and design ideas that are sure to fit your needs. From bold and colorful to casual and rustic, you’ll find just the inspiration you need in these beautiful dining rooms.

35 Stylish White Round Table Kitchen Ideas

35 Stylish White Round Table Kitchen Ideas

Instead of a large chandelier, the designer chose a warm, classic lantern from Visual Comfort & Co. Hector Manuel Sanchez

How To Build A 70” Round Dining Table

In designer Catherine Branstetter’s 1920s Tudor home, the dining room was the perfect place to experiment with the mercury color. She used Farrow & Ball’s Inchyra Blue (No. 289) and considers it her “own little jewel box,” she says. The difference, which takes advantage of the natural light in the space, also plays on the original details of the house.

35 Stylish White Round Table Kitchen Ideas

Layers, textures, and mixing old and new are the secret sauce to this amazing look. The space features a vintage table and cane chairs that she scored for a song at a local thrift store. The table is complemented by an Amanda Lindroth tablecloth, Cailíní wicker placemats, Addison Ross lacquered blue charges, and Ginori 1735 plates.

Interior designer Leta Foster and her daughter, Sallie Giordano, decorated this breakfast room in their early 1900s Richmond, Virginia, home. It is designed to suit a young family while respecting the original architecture and character of the space.

35 Stylish White Round Table Kitchen Ideas

Modern Dining Room Tables

Beautiful paper and blue accents combine modern and old school in this delightful dining space. The expensive curtains hanging from the ceiling give the room a great dimension.

To accommodate the narrow space and leave room for a screened-in porch, architect Todd Pritchett didn’t build a separate dining room and instead widened the home’s central hallway to accommodate a table and chairs. “When you open the door, you see a wonderful view of the water and the mountains through the dining area,” says Pritchett.

35 Stylish White Round Table Kitchen Ideas

Designer Kara Miller chose a party to make the most of her small dining area. She paired shades of green with pops of coral and a few neutral undertones to give the room a cheerful and warm feel.

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While most dining rooms have large, long tables, designer Hannah Maple didn’t feel the need to include them in her dining room. “In our old house, we never set foot in the dining room,” says Maple. If you share the same sentiment, don’t be afraid to hit the big table and settle for a smaller and more elegant option.

35 Stylish White Round Table Kitchen Ideas

“I felt like I was getting away with buying this table because the price is so reasonable for the quality and craftsmanship,” says Williams. Brie Williams

Designer Molly Williams leaned on her home’s past to design the dining room. Inspired by Williamsburg, it wraps around a painting of the space. “I love that this one [from Anewall] is an abstract, modern interpretation of a classic oil painting,” she says. The pictures fit well with the vintage tone and decoration of the whole room.

35 Stylish White Round Table Kitchen Ideas

Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Not wanting the dining room to feel dark and cramped, designer Caroline Brackett used large pieces to decorate her dining room. This includes an 8-seater round dining table, a large mirror over the fireplace, and tall curtains to make the room look longer.

Designer Lauren Liess kept it simple in our 2020 Idea House dining room, decorating it with colorful windows and installing a garden table with classic high back chairs to complete it.

35 Stylish White Round Table Kitchen Ideas

Designer Sarah Bartholomew used the same fabric for the walls and window treatments to create a cohesive space.

Small Dining Room Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Space

Boost the energy of your dining room with colorful furniture. In this renovated 1960’s ranch, Designer Meg Kelly brightened up the dark room with a coat of white paint and added a bright blue painted rattan rug.

35 Stylish White Round Table Kitchen Ideas

Highlight structural features with paint. The pastel green of the walls draws your attention to the design patterns of the wood.

This delicately patterned paper by Idrica Gazzoni with a trompe l’oeil chair rail is perfect for a preppy dining room.

35 Stylish White Round Table Kitchen Ideas

Traditional Kitchen Ideas That Stand The Test Of Time

If you want to show off the view from your dining area, keep your furniture and accessories minimal. This dining table faces a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows with simple curtains to soften and organize the space.

From the chandelier above the dining table, interior designer Sara Hillery, suspended her mother’s decor to add a personal touch to the space.

35 Stylish White Round Table Kitchen Ideas

Give a casual dining area a casual vibe with a combination of seating arrangements, such as wing chairs, curved sofas, and upholstered chairs around this dining table.

Our All Time Favorite White Kitchens

This beautiful dining room gets a fun touch with floral elements from the Pomegranate Inc. tableware collection. The room’s classic details including the chandelier, crown molding and beautiful blue details give this space any table setting to your heart’s desire.

35 Stylish White Round Table Kitchen Ideas

Visually expand a small dining room by keeping a monochromatic palette and adding height with artwork or large plants. Decorate with a narrow table and armless dining chairs to maximize space. All of these elements help this light-filled dining room feel airy and open.

“To give my little French country a touch, I avoid the expected ruffles and plaids and stick to classics in painted and white fabrics,” says homeowner and designer Regina Lynch. She, along with her daughter, designer Destiny Lynch, came together to create this “less-is-more” style.

35 Stylish White Round Table Kitchen Ideas

Ideas To Create An Eat In Kitchen In Any Space

Encourage a round table discussion. To be safe, your table should not exceed 40-inches in diameter. With many doors, using a round table in this dining room also helps open up the space.

This area serves as a library and dining area. The room is casually arranged with an uneven table and chairs filled with beautifully painted bookshelves, which brighten up the space.

35 Stylish White Round Table Kitchen Ideas

The homeowners wanted to have a dining room with a new feel, so the designer Ashley Whittaker helped them choose a shade of lettuce green and finished with a bright mirror on the walls. She filled the walls with bright coral dining chairs. The painted lanterns on the chandelier play off the welcoming atmosphere set by the color scheme, while antiques complement the space.

Dining Table Decor Ideas That Aren’t Just For Occasions

Colorful wall decorations combine with cheetah print chairs to create a unique feel in this memorable dining room.

35 Stylish White Round Table Kitchen Ideas

You can add a mix of furniture styles if you keep the color consistent. The red bamboo-style side chairs add a punch of color and coordinate with the interior of the cabinet and the wardrobe and wardrobe.

Add shelves for flexibility. A wall of bookcases in this dining room enhances the cozy feel of the room and gives the homeowners the option to turn the space into an office or reading area.

35 Stylish White Round Table Kitchen Ideas

Round Glass Dining Table, Modern Kitchen Table Dining Room Kitchen Furniture

The conical basket, believed to have once been used by fishermen, is now an airy shade above South Carolina dining tables.

Simple details like your wardrobe help set the tone for your dining space. This round table and antique chairs are covered in a simple fabric and checked fabric to create a friendly space. The luscious leather trim on the chairs and table top adds an ornate, layered touch.

35 Stylish White Round Table Kitchen Ideas

Get traffic-free flow of open-plan and enclosed dining room using sliding pocket doors. To the left of this room, hearth pocket doors and reclaimed wood can be closed to hide the kitchen.

The Complete Guide To Table Dimensions

The walls covered in blue grass cloth create a calm space, while the window treatments and sliding chairs bring warmth.

35 Stylish White Round Table Kitchen Ideas

Prioritize your spending. When the homeowners renovated this 1,500-square-foot home, they used pieces from thrift stores and merchandise to complete their look on a budget.

Such a signature but modern style of outdoor dining room is enhanced with wicker chairs, a peacock chair, and blue-and-white cushions.

35 Stylish White Round Table Kitchen Ideas

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

White paint and natural light can make a dining room feel bright and inviting, but be sure to use your furniture and accessories to add warmth. The owner of this home used bookshelves in the interior and a mix of vintage chairs upholstered in canvas to bring character to the room.

Add textural depth by combining textured fabrics. These dining chairs sport decorative patterned cushions while the backs are upholstered in a solid pattern.

35 Stylish White Round Table Kitchen Ideas

Reflecting its mountain location, this house is decorated with a variety of natural materials – from rough woods to rustic furniture made from branches.

Dining Room Ideas For A Glamorous And Contemporary Home

Dining rooms can easily be made into multi-use areas. This cozy room with a large dining table worktop makes this room ideal for doubling as a homeowner’s design office. Only

35 Stylish White Round Table Kitchen Ideas

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