35 Stylish White Gloss Kitchen Splashback Ideas

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35 Stylish White Gloss Kitchen Splashback Ideas – The term classic white kitchen is a cliché for a reason. White kitchens have stood the test of time over and over again. Choosing a neutral backdrop (white cabinets, white kitchen cabinets, and white backsplash) in your kitchen creates an environment where it’s easy for you to add pops of color. When you’re looking for a spicy alternative to the clean white look. To realize the versatility of white You must be aware of the powerful range of white. Choosing a bright white with white Shaker-style kitchen cabinets and white subway tiles is the perfect look for a modern cottage. However, if you live in a simpler home, like a cottage, you can opt for cabinets. Creamy white kitchen paired with light limestone countertops and white chiplap walls. For an alternative to an all-white kitchen that will never go out of style.

The designers wanted guests to feel like they could walk into this space and relax. All living areas are connected. Therefore, to avoid cluttering the open floor plan with too many cabinets. Almost everything from dinnerware to everyday food. It is therefore well organized and stored in a drawer. It also gives guests of all ages easy access to essential kitchen equipment.

35 Stylish White Gloss Kitchen Splashback Ideas

35 Stylish White Gloss Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Glass lanterns hang above the bar, imitating candles placed in hurricane holders. This is an element that is often found on outdoor dining tables.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas To Go With White Cabinets

The woven plastic seat and backrest on Serena & Lily bar stools hold up well against wet swimsuits.

35 Stylish White Gloss Kitchen Splashback Ideas

White makes this small kitchen feel open and spacious. The cabinets are painted the same clean white as the walls and vaulted ceiling. Ceramic tile backsplashes and sleek marble countertops complete the monochrome look. Greenery adds color to the sink. Easy-to-access open shelves store everyday basics, cookbooks, decorative plates and jars. Shaker style lower cabinet used to store pots and pans. Chrome knobs and appliances help give the kitchen a clean, modern look.

This Washington, D.C. kitchen was renovated with events in mind. The island serves as a buffet for entertaining. and colorful base cabinets (Blue Lagoon; omegacabinetry.com) and warm walnut. Make it the focal point of the room. The homeowner was interested in the idea of ​​a white kitchen, claiming, “If you can see the dirt, I know it’s time to clean it up!”

35 Stylish White Gloss Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Innovative Kitchen Island Ideas

Laura Kay knew her house needed a once-in-a-century makeover. So she took up the challenge. “The kitchen was renovated in the 1990s with lots of intricate cabinetry. Many types of granite and an unusual gravel floor used for houseplants,” says Kay. She removed old cabinets for a rustic Shaker style, added a new island with sink and dishwasher, and painted the floors. She updated the original range and brick hood. With a Van Dyke restorer commissioned wooden corbel installed under the hood. “Smoothly transitioning walls and counter tops makes a huge difference,” she says. The homeowners keep the pantry close by. Instead, it’s disguised as two tall cabinets flanking open shelves.

To add a pop of color to classic white walls and cabinetry. (Paint Benjamin Moore’s Ballet White.) Designer Melissa Haynes has carefully chosen a color palette that emphasizes greens and oranges, mixing metals like brass and stainless steel hardware. It creates the perfect finishing touch to make the look more modern.

35 Stylish White Gloss Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Designer Suzanne Kasler revives a dark, outdated Atlanta kitchen with a timeless white palette and her signature inviting style. The walls, cabinetry, and ceiling are all painted Benjamin Moore’s Linen White, the same eggshell color. Meanwhile Hammered metal chandeliers and freshly polished wood floors provide a nice counterpoint to the mostly white space.

Modern Kitchen Ideas For Modern Lifestyles

Two shades of white, Benjamin Moore’s Winter White and Gray Owl, combine to surround this kitchen with a soothing atmosphere.

35 Stylish White Gloss Kitchen Splashback Ideas

The kitchen and breakfast nook open to the family room. Therefore, the space is interwoven with color tones inspired by nature. Dark floors and a wood island add warmth to a creamy white kitchen. A pair of antique wooden chandeliers throughout the island complete the look and feel of the brand new home. Woven stools, an affordable catalog, offer comfortable seating on the island.

The entire stove niche is covered in white ceramic tile for a clean look that blends beautifully with the cream walls (painted Intense White by Benjamin Moore). A single, long white shelf replaces the open cabinetry and keeps dishes close by. hand

35 Stylish White Gloss Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Tile Backsplash Ideas That Add A Bold Accent Behind The Range

White is suitable for both interior and exterior kitchens. This rooftop kitchen has everything you need to cook an evening. Including a dishwasher. Beautiful white landscapes complement the coastal background.

Functional fixtures and modern appliances coexist peacefully with elegant glass lamps and comfortable swivel bar stools. On the wall, vertical stripes painted in two shades of light blue create a soothing atmosphere. The homeowner alternated one paint color with a swatch of the same paint, applying half the formula (tip: any paint store can mix this color for you). Mantel style, which displays pewter candlesticks; Decorative pillars throughout; and comfortable upholstered bar stools with claw-toe edges. African Iroko wood flooring on the island complements the hardwood floors. and contrasts strikingly with the white cabinets.

35 Stylish White Gloss Kitchen Splashback Ideas

The thought of open shelving in the kitchen can be soothing to homeowners. But this dish: the secret is in the ingredients. It’s easier to manage an open display when you have enough enclosed space to hide unsightly items. It’s important to know how much openness you can handle before it gets messy! And you don’t have to be Type A to achieve this A-plus look. You don’t need to change it.

Kitchen Color Ideas: 37 Paint Schemes And Decor Palettes

A clean white floor complements the cabinets and island. Minimal number of upper cabinets frees up space. in that place Antique chestnut shelf with protruding beams Reminiscent of the deck of a ship Helps add a natural touch. Shelves display simple white dishes and bowls. Adjacent to the dark blue tiled wall. Nothing says the sea like blue and white! Stainless steel appliances and large pendant lights throughout the island are reminiscent of metal boat accessories.

35 Stylish White Gloss Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Virginia slate countertops and custom sink contrast with clean white cabinets, shelves and backsplashes. The color hides stains that will appear on a white sink.

Before the update The kitchen on this Alabama ranch is dark, dirty and cramped, thanks to the removal of some walls. The kitchen then opens out to the breakfast room and family room. Make the space look bigger and make the space circulate better A window was removed above the sink to allow for the addition of cabinets to help compensate for the cabinetry lost by removing the wall. The family chose a warm white for the walls, cabinets and trim. Add uniqueness with bar stool covers. Makes the room look bright and airy.

35 Stylish White Gloss Kitchen Splashback Ideas

White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That Pop

The historical charm of antique marble islands and cabinets. Reclaimed furniture adds a luxurious patina to this Nashville kitchen. “The first time we saw our kitchen. We were blown away by the design of the space and the custom work!” says homeowner Kelly Herron. The interior designers designed a functional, easy-to-use kitchen that blends in with the rest of the space. of the home using a U-shaped layout centered around a large island. To expand the room wider All appliances and storage space are hidden behind handsome cream-colored cabinets. He intended to use every square inch by placing a recessed Chinese cabinet in the wall under the stairs.

This kitchen has traditional lines and white cabinets, typical of Carpenter’s Gothic farmhouse style. This theme is carried over to the heart-shaped pine floor salvaged from a dilapidated cotton warehouse. A creative touch of color comes in the form of a surprisingly delicate apple green. This is because the cabinet covers most of the wall surface. The green therefore acts more as a background and doesn’t dominate the room as you might expect.

35 Stylish White Gloss Kitchen Splashback Ideas

The all-white design of walls, cabinets, and countertops makes the space feel larger. Homeowners add color and texture with accessories like curtains and jute rugs. To keep the room from looking too plain She enhanced the home’s vintage look with a new plank ceiling and three large globe lights, which were extravagant items.

How To Paint A Tile Backsplash

A recessed cabinet and trash can pullout add an old-house aesthetic to the room. The homeowners decided to invest in the details in the kitchen because they knew they would spend a lot of time in that area.

35 Stylish White Gloss Kitchen Splashback Ideas

This small 1930s kitchen returns to its retro roots without compromising on modern space and functionality. The center island replaces enough counter space to accommodate the washer and dryer in the room. Details like the farmhouse sink and green glass tiles add to the retro style.

Light gray custom cabinets complement the pair’s collection of kitchenware and servingware. With a cabinet in front and

35 Stylish White Gloss Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas

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