35 Stylish Non White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

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35 Stylish Non White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas – Welcome to the Small Kitchen Ideas session! We hope you come prepared and ready to explore some great ideas here. We dive into several aspects of this home decor trend. From what elements and tactics to use to how advantageous it will be in any case. The ideas are many, the styles even more, but the idea is only one. A small kitchen can help you achieve a better kitchen layout and may be your best kitchen option.

Sounds surreal? Well, it isn’t! Check out this brief guide on how to turn a limited space into your favorite space. In this article, you will find some important elements that you can use in your own kitchen, such as open cabinets, kitchen cabinets and more. Actually the list is endless, just let your imagination run and everything will be fine. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

35 Stylish Non White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

35 Stylish Non White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

As we said, bigger is not always better. What’s more, it’s not always possible. There are small kitchens for accommodation. Every inch counts when making the most of a small kitchen. With some decorative creativity and practical design strategies, you can ensure that your small kitchen delivers big benefits. These small kitchens make great use of space, and the interior design decisions of homeowners make them even bigger.

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A U-shaped kitchen layout offers efficiency when space is limited. This puts the modified U refrigerator out of sight on the right. A half wall with a countertop and stone base hides the workspace from the living area while allowing light and conversation to pass through seamlessly. All the essentials for cooking and cleaning are within easy reach. This is especially important when you have a small kitchen.

35 Stylish Non White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Extra tip: You can use large floor tiles in your small kitchen. The whole idea focuses on making a small space bigger. What better way to do so than using the power of tiles style? Easy and effective. Simple and minimal. Beautiful, but practical.

Challenged by unconventional angles and cramped spaces, these homeowners designed a narrow workspace footprint where every inch of space was an opportunity for creativity. The kitchen has become an organic work of modern art using blonde wood, stainless steel and spot lighting.

35 Stylish Non White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Timeless Kitchen Trends That Are Here To Stay

The table is a harmonious extension of the island, where the sink sits. To the left of the oven is a tambour door that reveals pull-out shelves for the KitchenAid mixer and other appliances. This is great when you have kitchen appliances that you don’t want to expose. These shelves can be used in place of storage boxes used for other purposes.

Who said furniture has only one purpose? In kitchens and home decor in general, household items meant for one purpose can be used to fulfill another. This is what we call home decor hacks! Smart ideas that can be used to transform a minimalist kitchen or any other type into an amazing kitchen space.

35 Stylish Non White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Don’t hesitate to go with a clever solution like a pull-out dining table that does double duty as an island. A kitchen with an island is very useful in a small kitchen.

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Have you run out of potential changes to your kitchen space? Well, wait! You can use more tricks to get an amazing result. It belongs to a different category, namely kitchen design. You can make some changes in the design of your kitchen to create a friendly atmosphere.

35 Stylish Non White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Of course, we think you don’t want to have an uninviting small kitchen. Limited space is not the only contributing factor. Another point to note is the overall design.

Idea? Transparent bricks, of course! Exposed brick in the kitchen warms the cozy space and gives it character. Combine it with other earthy colors and let the natural color palette play its part towards a stunning kitchen design.

35 Stylish Non White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Warm White Kitchen With Wood Island

Open cabinets are a great way to maximize your limited space in the kitchen. At the same time they act as decorative items to complement your small kitchen walls. After all, this element has other advantages. By placing your most-used kitchen items in your open shelves, you can see them easily. Let’s take a look at some cases where open cabinets are incorporated in the kitchen.

This cramped, semi-enclosed kitchen space takes on a life of its own with the help of a careful and precise paint job. It now looks like a little cozy oasis, tucked away from the rest of the house. The kitchen space is well organized and makes good use of open cupboards, thus achieving a great pantry layout.

35 Stylish Non White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Again here open shelves, pull-out storage and well-designed storage boxes make things easy to access. Things like cooking, prep and cleanup become easier that way. Not only does this help with pantry organization, it also instantly frees up counter space. Thus, it should be in the kitchen space. Organized, clean, and everything arranged properly.

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Extra tip: This is definitely one of those things you should choose. Whether you have a shapely kitchen or not, it can often make your life easier with kitchen layout. Also, you will see a big change in the way you cook. You will use your time more efficiently!

35 Stylish Non White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

As you can see, regardless of the style of your kitchen, open cabinets are worth a try. They can be used individually or in combination with storage boxes. Either way, it’s an inexpensive way to freshen up your small kitchen. And make it warmer for your guests.

Undoubtedly, no one can deny that white kitchens, no matter how small, are really bright and big. However, that’s not to say dark colors are out of your league here. Yes, you read that right. Bold tones can be used in all the small kitchen ideas you see. However, it serves another purpose more than anything else. And it will make your small kitchen modern. And with the right elements you can create smart options for counter space to speak even more.

35 Stylish Non White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

For example, check this event. Dark cabinets with brown and black tiger stripes create a sleek, contemporary look. On the other hand, a pale solid-surface backlight creates a bold contrast. This design uses very little counter space with a wenge butcher block that slides over the sink. A dining table on casters allows it to slide under the eight-seater island when not in use.

The wall between this small kitchen and adjacent living space was removed to make room for more storage. Visual separation between rooms is maintained with an island-breakfast bar.

35 Stylish Non White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

The best part of all small kitchen ideas that can be implemented, perhaps? Placing the sink in the corner of the room as in this case. This creates more food prep space, which is great if you spend a lot of time cooking. In the meantime, take a moment to see how brushed and polished stainless tiles make a great backsplash. It’s a small detail that adds contemporary style, and that’s what you’re after.

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Another great option for small kitchen ideas? Sliding kitchen accessories, of course! When not in use, some parts of your small kitchen can be hidden, thus freeing up less space. Perhaps not kitchen cabinets that cannot be removed, but other areas such as tables can come in handy in such cases. You can use the freed up space for other purposes like adding some chairs or modern stools for your guests.

35 Stylish Non White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Above you’ll find mother-of-pearl granite countertops and frosted-glass tile that contrasts with dark cabinets. It creates a contemporary atmosphere full of modern touches and colors. This color combination is very common in modern small kitchen ideas. Dark colors and whites serve different purposes when used in kitchens, what does their combination do? Miracles, we say!

The most interesting thing here is the customized, space-saving table on casters. When not in use, this amazing organ nestles in the back of the island. By moving it back into place you can instantly free up some kitchen space and instantly make your small kitchen look bigger. Great, isn’t it? Although the implementation of such an idea is a little expensive, it is definitely worth considering. The space saved can completely transform your kitchen and refresh your entire home decor.

35 Stylish Non White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Small Kitchen Ideas To Steal (for Renter And Renovators)

White kitchens make great small kitchen ideas. The reason is self-explanatory, we’d say. White belongs to the color palette, which makes any space bigger, bigger, brighter and more open. This is what you want to do when your kitchen space is small or you don’t have much storage space.

Below are some illuminating examples to help you understand what important role white color plays here. Also, it will help you decide if you want to use something like this for your limited space.

35 Stylish Non White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

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